Thinking “here goes nothing” could be the start of everything.
— Drew Wagner

Hello! My name is Megan Acosta thank you for visiting the Pearl & Pen website! 

What started as a hobby has turned into my full time dream job. I've always enjoyed drawing from a young age, it was and is my way to work out ideas and emotions. Through the years I've been inspired by many creative people, and with their mentorship along with self study I've developed my own aesthetic style and acquire skills that allow me to help my clients today.  

Why Pearl & Pen you ask? Good question. I have always been fascinated by names, how before they were rich with meaning. I was curious of the origin of my own name. Megan: A Welsh version of Margaret. Meaning "Pearl". Ah well there you go! Pearl with her pen add an ampersand and that's how Pearl & Pen came to be. 

Pearl & Pen is based out of North County San Diego, specifically Elfin Forest, a little rural community in between San Marcos and Escondido. We offer design services that address each of our clients unique needs. We don't believe in templates, but listening to our clients unique needs and created a design solution that reflects their aesthetic. We also design and paint custom signage for businesses and events in the San Diego Area.

Check out our Instagram for process videos and our latest projects!